Nominie Services, Corporate Officer Agency

  • Secteur d'activité: Services généraux
  • Type d'contrat: Fixe
  • Taux d'occupation: Plein-temps (100%)
  • Catégorie d'emploi: Administration / Secrétariat / Accueil
  • Sub-catégorie d'emploi: Employé(e) de commerce / Gestion administrative
  • Date de publication: 16-03-2020
  • Délai de candidature: 31-03-2020
  • Référence: Nominies

We are a boutique recruitment agency that recruits selective personnel to act as nominee directors and shareholders.

Nominee directors and shareholders are required by international companies, or professionals such as lawyers or accountants.

There are various legitimate reasons for using a nominee director and shareholder arrangement.

Remuneration can come in one of the 3 forms, Directors Fees, Salary or a percentage of quarterly profits., or a percentage of quarterly profits.

Please submit your resume for future consideration to 

We will certainly keep you in mind and contact you if a position becomes available that matches your profile.

Thanks for your interest!

  • Nom du contact: Thomas Shneider
  • Téléphone du contact: (+44) 7424497839
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