3D Animation Designer, Marvil56

  • Secteur d'activité: Communication / Marketing / RP / Publicité
  • Type d'contrat: Fixe
  • Taux d'occupation: Plein-temps (100%)
  • Catégorie d'emploi: Marketing / Médias / RP
  • Sub-catégorie d'emploi: Design / Graphisme
  • Date de publication: 01-07-2019
  • Délai de candidature: 31-07-2019

We are looking to hire a 3D Designer to create compelling designs that communicate concepts and stories through engaging and inspiring moving images and content.

Joining Marvil56’s creative team based in Geneva you will work collaboratively within a unit in order to deliver a variety of projects.

You will be tasked with creating conceptual designs, 3D images, illustrations and developing storyboards and editing and implementing graphics for video and webpages.

The role will involve telling engaging and inspiring stories through dynamic designs whilst using your technical expertise to bring these ideas to life. You will be exposed to an exciting workload with the opportunity to work closely with clients across a variety of interesting projects.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Working collaboratively in order to develop customised 3D images and illustrations that transmit ideas and concepts across digital platforms
  • Create a variety of bespoke graphics, illustrations and animations across a range of different media and devices
  • Design and work with the motion graphics team to create videos such as corporate videos, eLearning, websites, marketing demos, etc.
  • Editing raw video footage, animation or other media and be able to add effects to enhance the graphics
  • Meet with clients in order to assess and understand their needs as well as determine technical requirements
  • Working closely with clients in order to assess and select appropriate graphic, audio and animation styles for their project
  • Create original and imaginative ideas that communicate to target audiences as specified by the client
  • Provide both technical and creative input into the planning phase of new projects
  • Have an inquisitive interest in the latest development techniques and software
  • Research and develop new ideas using cutting-edge technologies and techniques
  • Monitoring and editing content in order to maximise its effectiveness


  • Expertise in design software such as Adobe After Effects, Flash, Final Cut, Cinema 4D, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Excellent digital skills and expertise within interactive media software including graphic design, video editing and animation
  • You will have an eye for detail and be skilled in creating original and inspiring designs
  • Solid illustration, 2D and 3D animation skills
  • The ability to incorporate and use motion graphics to enhance and create compelling content
  • Skilled in design, typography and illustration with the versatility to create visually appealing content across a wide variety of styles
  • A great communicator with the ability to listen and understand client needs
  • Previous experience of working within an agency is a bonus
  • Ambitious, with a positive attitude to work
  • The ability to produce innovative concepts, bringing them to life


To apply, please send your CV and portfolio to caroline.stewart@marvil56.com





  • Email: caroline.stewart@marvil56.com
  • Nom du contact: Caroline Stewart
  • Téléphone du contact: (+41) 799534327

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