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They are usually between 20 and 35 years old and have two or three jobs. The Anglo-Saxons call them 'slashers'. "Slashers" like the ' / ' (slash), as in "cabinetmaker/computer scientist" or "translator/waitress/yoga teacher". The phenomenon is not new, but it is growing. In France, one in six workers would be a "slasher" by choice or by necessity.

"Slashers", it's trendy

Students are already slasgers when they wash dishes in a restaurant, give math lessons and animate holiday camps. In order not to get bored in one job, to live several lives at the same time - engineer by day and masseur at night - or because, tired of working in an office, they want to change jobs, live a passion they try at part time. Hyperactive and curious, they switch from one job to another in a single day, or are riding on two activities. These are the trendy 'slashers', pros of the internet and social networks that allow them to be at the same time, graphic designer/web designer/Cook.

Obliged to be a "Slasher" 

This is probably the most common case and a symptom of a recurrent economic crisis plunging in poverty a part of the population, often young and older people. Graduates or not, often multi skilled, they combine several jobs to live that are each only a few hours a week. They run from one job to another, from one contract to another make ends meet every month at the risk of scatter ends. It's exciting but exhausting.

The good side of things

The acquisition of the necessary skills for several trades develops knowledge, skills, adaptability and flexibility, which are valued by employers. It is an asset, especially in times of economic crisis. When an activity is declining, "slashers" bounce on another. Whether it's a choice of life or a necessity, they embody a new vision of the world of work from which they expect no windfall wages, but the possibility to multiply opportunities, thrive, and especially not getting bored. It can be assumed that in times of casualization of work and thanks to the emergence of new professions and new opportunities to exercise them, Internet in particular, multi-activity has good days coming, much more than a passing fad.

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