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Rules of conduct for blog

To ensure that our interaction on this blog is successfull here are some rules of conduct that we ask you to follow. The blog is submitted to a pre-moderation on user feedback. Also, your messages are read before publication. This is  not to  censor your content but to ensure editorial consistency and quality exchanges. And if your comment follows these rules, it will be published.

1.    The languages ​​of the blog are French and English.

2.    Do not abuse of capital letters, avoid texting! 
       Capital letters on a blog that's like screaming in a discussion. Heal spell, your words must remain readable.

3.    Do not write discriminatory content! 
       Racist, sexist terms are obviously not tolerated on a blog.

4.    Respect the author and other bloggers. 
       Abusive expressions are strictly prohibited and you will have no chance of seeing your comment published.

5.     Do not give personal information that could be used without your knowledge (phone number, address ...).

6.     Don't choose rude nicknames! 
        Create a username that is unique and that you will use for each of your comments on the blog.

7.     Focus on humor and relevance of comments! 
        Remember that the objective of a blog is to communicate and share information.

8.     Be concise. 
        Excessively long comments are not read. Get to the point.

9.     Don't advertise! 
        No commercial comments  nature will be allowed.

10.   Do not post a comment unrelated to the subject
        Exchanges must remain consistent. Comments should exclusively be related to the article or issue related in the article.

11.   Do not give false information deliberately! 
        A blog is primarily a source of information.

 Ready, steady, go!

The jobers team