Sr Economist , DFINITY

  • Secteur d'activité: Informatique / Technologies de l'information
  • Type d'contrat: Fixe
  • Taux d'occupation: Plein-temps (100%)
  • Catégorie d'emploi: Banques / Economie
  • Sub-catégorie d'emploi: Direction / Direction de projet
  • Date de publication: 16-07-2018
  • Délai de candidature: 23-07-2018

We are looking to hire a Sr Economist to work in the area of token economics. The DFINITY platform deploys native tokens to be used in its ecosystem for a variety of purposes such as staking, security deposits, payments, transaction fees, voting, rewards and penalties. We are hiring a candidate with a research background to analyze the complex economic interactions that occur on the different levels of the DFINITY platform and ecosystem.



  • Conduct research and analysis in any of the following areas: economics of decentralized protocols, token economics, mathematical modelling, simulations, incentive schemes, game theory, interaction between token and real-world economics.
  • Deliver good internal documentation regarding the conducted research and analysis
  • Work towards publishing results in peer-reviewed publications
  • Represent the foundation in academic and industry conferences
  • Build and maintain relationships with research organizations in economics
  • Work together with a team of other researchers that will growing with timeThe Employer may assign other tasks or responsibilities to the Employee, provided that they correspond to his education and abilities.


  • PhD in Economics AND 4+ years’ experience
  • Experience building forecasting models
  • Experience using time series analysis techniques
  • 5+ years of experience in mathematical programming libraries (such as R, Weka, Matlab, SAS)
  • Ability to educate others on statistical methods
  • Ability to communicate effectively across multiple organizations in the company
  • Strong knowledge of statistics and probability.
  • Self-starter with the ability to work independently
  • Nom du contact: Blair Lewis
  • Téléphone du contact: (+41) 4155722106

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