Investment Advisor, Crown Capital Group SA

  • Secteur d'activité: Finance / Comptabilité
  • Type d'contrat: Fixe
  • Taux d'occupation: Plein-temps (100%)
  • Catégorie d'emploi: Finances / Comptabilité / Controlling
  • Sub-catégorie d'emploi: Direction / Direction de projet / M&A
  • Date de publication: 03-04-2018
  • Délai de candidature: 18-04-2018

Our company is switching strategy from standard Asset Management to become one of the leading Private Equity/ Venture Capital firms in the canton of Geneva. We are connected with some of the most sophisticated and prestigious investors, management teams, service providers, government authorities and general strategic and financial stakeholders that creates a solid base for the development of our business. The company has deployed important amounts of capital in the seed financings and build-up of its existing company portfolio and it is committed to long-term strategic and financial support.

Parallel to the local development, we are seeking international expansion. Our initial target country is Albania, offering highly attractive investment opportunities. We believe the Balkan’s country is currently at an inflection point and its international development strategy is aligned with our philosophy. Albania offers numerous natural resources, cost-effective access to polyglot talent, un-exploited touristic and real-estate sites, an infrastructure under development, and many other retail, agricultural and services. In addition, an ambitious and aspiring new government offers the necessary climate for global investors.

Therefore, we are currently looking for a motivated candidate to join our new Private Equity/ Venture Capital team in Geneva. The investment focus will be on high-technology, oil & gas, telecommunication, media and especially blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The candidate will support the team in developing the existing investment pipeline until exit as well as identifying, analysing & reviewing, and structuring new potential investment opportunities, with a specific focus in Albania.

- Previous experience in corporate finance/ investment banking
- Concrete deal-flow of active involvement in analysis and structuring of corporate finance transactions
- International experience in corporate finance activities, exposure to the Albanian investor community and governmental authorities as well as a substantial local network in Geneva
- HEC Business Administration Bachelor & Management Master with orientation in Company Valuations
- Proven multi-project management and proactiveness during recent studies
- Extensive knowledge and understanding of financial accounting and taxation
- Ability to process information and assimilate knowledge very rapidly
- Ability to undertake and close a financial, operational or strategic project from A to Z
- Deep knowledge about the cryptocurrency and blockchain community
- Demonstration of leadership and team work during previous experiences
- Autonomous, hands-on approach, creative, proactive and attention to detail
- Fluent (written and oral) in French, English, Italian and Albanian mandatory

Responsibilities and tasks:
- Proactively identify, research and analyse investment opportunities in Albania following the investment strategy of the firm
- Structure, organize and support the closing of investment transactions in Albania, as well as handle the relationship with local partners in the Balkan country
- Provide in-depth assistance in managing the existing investment portfolio and developing the underlying projects, from a financial, operational and strategic standpoint
- Participate actively in discussions, meetings and conference calls with management of existing portfolio companies and coordinate with operational teams
- Research and identify synergistic opportunities for portfolio companies in terms of M&A, Joint Ventures, Corporate Partnerships, Investments, etc.
- Oversee the entire investment process in Albania from opportunities screening to transaction closing
- Oversee the entire development process of portfolio companies until exit
- Coordinate with local Geneva authorities, associations and academic institutions to develop commercia

  • Nom du contact: Recrutement
  • Téléphone du contact: (+41) 0229010070

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