Jobers protects the privacy, confidentiality and security of data entered by private users and business partners. Jobers does not sell users information to other websites.

To ensure the security of our users' information, the Jobers platform is protected with a SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL Certificate creates a secure link between Jobers website and our visitors' browser.  By ensuring that all data passed between the two remains private and secure, SSL encryption prevents hackers from stealing users private information. Complementary to SSL Certification, Jobers hosting platform server is also protected by a firewall configured to only allow access to ports of the main service, including Apache, Mail, FTP, SSH and MySQL.

User data is used by Jobers for purposes linked to its core business and in the context of its services. User data can be viewed and searched by employers and recruiters registered with Jobers only for recruitment and selection of candidates purposes. However, Jobers cannot be held responsible for the actions of others.

Users can update, edit or delete their personal information at any time. They can also subscribe or unsubscribe from Jobers e-mail job alerts.

Jobers reserves the right to change at any time its security and privacy policy.