Publishing rules

The following Publishing Rules contain a non-exhaustive list of products and services provided by Jobers whose publication is prohibited for legal, ethical, moral or commercial policy. Are also considered prohibited adverts likely to deceive or mislead the Jobers visitors by false or missing information.

1. General conditions

1.1 Mutual respect

Jobers is a warm and friendly online platform. Relationships with employees, customers and Jobers' users must be done in a spirit of mutual respect, that is to say that no offensive or insulting behavior will be tolerated.

1.2 Applicable law

Swiss law applies to Jobers online platform and content. All adverts on Jobers must observe in particular the provisions of the following acts:

  • Data Protection (DP)
  • Law against Unfair Competition (UWG)
  • Law on the Protection of Trademarks
  • Swiss Penal Code
  • Law on Copyright
  • Law on the protection of privacy (including art. 28 of the Swiss CC).

1.3 Adverts responsibility

The user is responsible for all advert content (text, images, ...), and the emails sent in this context (eg. responses to adverts, media questions, etc). The customer is especially required to ensure that its adverts are updated and consistent with the facts.

1.4 Data availability

The customer agrees to provide all data transmitted to Jobers or third parties in the format and quality imposed by Jobers, namely:

The advert:

  • must correspond to a job or service proposal in the category in which it was placed,
  • must not be placed several times, even in different sections,
  • must not contain consecutive uppercase for graphic highlight,
  • must not follow an advertising purpose or advert for a Jobers competitor's website.

The title:

  • must match the content of the advert,
  • must not contain consecutive uppercase for graphic highlight.

The photo

  • must correspond to the subject of the advert,
  • must not contain contact information (phone, email, website, etc).

In addition, the users ensures that he has rights to all data provided by him directly or indirectly through third parties or Jobers, such as text, images, maps, plans, etc .., and he is authorized to use them under contractual agreements with Jobers.

1.5 Authorised languages

Adverts are only authorized to be placed in the following languages:

  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • English.

1.6 Wrong category

When an advert is placed in the wrong category, Jobers has the right to move the advert to the right category or delete the advert.

1.7 Wrong or misleading information

Adverts containing incorrect information that can mislead the user will be deleted. Texts and images should also match the actual characteristics of the advert. It is not allowed to publish an advert with content attacking directly adverts from other customers.

1.8 Search results manipulation

It is forbidden to use specific text in order to manipulate the search engine. The text can not be just a series of words, but must be written correctly in one of the languages of the portal.

1.9 Sanctions

Jobers reserves the right to remove or edit any advert without consultation of the client if the adverts violate these insertion rules and, in case of non-compliancy, to inform the competent authorities.
Jobers is also empowered to remove adverts at any time and without justification, even if they do not violate explicitly herein insertion rules.

2. Forbidden adverts

The user bears the sole responsibility for the contents of its notice or profile. The user represents and warrants that all information contained therein is correct and up-to-date.
Jobers' website can only be used to publish job adverts or profiles that seek to enable an appropriate search for candidates or vacancies, and that comply with all statutory requirements. Vacancy notices and profiles many in particular not violate the intellectual property, privacy or other rights of third parties (cf. Privacy Policy). The User undertakes not to publish any illegal content, in particular content of a racist, pornographic or personally injurious nature, via Jobers.

The following content is forbidden:

  • immoral or offensive job offers or profiles;
  • multiple job offers or profiles summarized under one publication;
  • job offers with erroneous or lacking job titles or descriptions;
  • job offers for multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, home-based work, gift circles etc;
  • job offers with erotic contents or for escort services
  • mystery shopping offers;
  • offers for continuing education;
  • job offers referring to offers for other positions, to communication or other products;
  • job offers with insufficient identity/address information, merely postal addresses (the exception is a numbered listing (anonymous) via Jobers);
  • any published job offer must correspond to an actual vacant position. The user undertakes to reactivate a job offer only in case of a new vacancy.

Jobers reserves the right to remove from its services any notices or profiles that do not comply in full with these requirements, without prior notice or justification. In addition, Jobers reserves the right to block the user or its access to additional services by Jobers.

Geneva, January 2016