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Benefits for Employers

Free job ads

On traditional job sites posting a job ad can cost more than 600 CHF.

Free access to candidates profiles

On other job sites employers pay to view candidates information which increases their recruitment costs.

Increased visibility adverts

A well-placed and colored job ad will catch a candidate eye. Different options are available to highlight your advert.

Increased visibility options for employers’ ads

Premium adverts allow you to stand out on our home and displays first and in colour in the results pages.


Premium adverts

Prestige adverts allow you to stand out with an image on the side to catch candidates’ attention. This image stays each time a specific job search is made on the site and is displayed first among the other jobs in the same category.


Prestige adverts

"Special Employer" advert allows you to display your brand with a banner (1000px x 847px) and a direct link to a web page of your choice. This image stays each time a specific job search is made on the site.


"Special Employer" advert

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Benefits for Candidates

Free advert or video

On other job boards the concept of a personal collateral advert is not used.

Your profile is visible to all employers for free

Other job sites make employers pay to view your profile. This cost limits SMBs, who create most of the jobs in Switzerland, to find you.

Up to 3 different profiles

Do you have one work profile only?
We believe that having more than one profile increases your chances to find a
job (e.g. an architect can also work as a technical designer).

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