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Be elegant at the office and their job search is now essential for a good professional development. Be stylish allows you to feel good at work. If you have already applied for a job offer, be stylish allows you to increase your chances of getting the job. Indeed, recruiters grant more and more importance to appearance, especially for positions of high responsibility. So here's how to have a perfect look at the office.

The best colors for this fall-winter

For style and elegance, you need to dress according to the colors of the moment. For this fall-winter 2016, there is a wide range of bright and elegant colors that were largely inspired by a desire for peace, strength and optimism. The different appeared collections present us timeless colors like gray or taupe.  fall hues with bright shades such as purple, bright green, or even mustard yellow. There are also warm colors such as red and red that will bluntly contrast with the greyness. To bring color and good mood at the office, it is probably the ideal colors. 

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PANTONE Riverside 17-4028 : Note that the deep blue evokes the serenity and calm while red is heat, affirmation and optimism.

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See the 10 couleurs for this fall-winter by Pantone

What is the best dress-code at work ?

It must be said immediately: the right dress-code has to be chic and practical. Indeed, if you have a job that requires mobility, you don't need some outfits. The jacket for example is a great compromise to be taken seriously without seeming like a working girl. We must also understand that the look you are going to adopt at the office depends on your career and not on trends. Indeed, conservative things like finance or law require a pretty strict dress code. Others such as architecture or fashion encourages creativity at the workplace.

If you want to be trendy but are struggling to combine your clothes, here are some examples of sets ready to be used !

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Check out other chic workwear and trends

Ten must have clothing in their wardrobe

The choice is sometimes hard, but we're all agreed that it is important to have these 10 clothes in one’s wardrobe:

                                   I LOVE COLOR ! AS LONG AS IT'S BLACK ...   (Coco Chanel)

  • A little black robe: women's clothing by excellence, the little black robe is the must have clothing in your wardrobe. However, it is important to choose according to your morphology for a distinct look. In other words, it must be fluid to hide the curves or belting to highlight the forms, according to your wishes. It is however not recommended to wear it during a job interview. 

  • The white shirt: it's giving you that look so professional and serious. Essential to find a job. 

  • The straight black skirt: associated with the white shirt, it gives you style and elegance while remaining in the professional standards.

  • Black pants: to vary your style at the office, it's a good compromise. 

  • A Navy blazer or a tailored jacket: jackets and blazers give you the look of a strong, responsible and independent woman. At the office and in the city, a tailored jacket sets the tone for your clothing.

  • A trench coat: it is an essential part in mid-season clothing. It's a timeless garment that can bring femininity to the look. In its brown, beige or mid-length version, it gives style and elegance to the clothing. 

  • A cashmere sweater: the cashmere sweater is like the Holy Grail of winter clothing. The only problem is that the quality indicators are not enough. However, once we manage to find the right piece, it is a garment that sets the tone for both your fall and winter clothing. 

  • Jeans: you can never say it enough; the jean is THE essential garment in a dressing room. Indeed, one can imagine running out of everything, except for a pair of jeans. Although it is quite tricky to wear it at the office, nothing prevents you to do it in your professional meetings, just to unwind.

  • Black pumps for formal evenings: for a chic and urban dress, the pumps are probably the most appropriate shoes. Furthermore, if there is a shoe that is a symbol of femininity, it is the pump. No one will blame you for wearing them at the office. For your evenings, they give the look to your dress.

  • Accessories (scarf, handbag, etc.): what would become a woman without her handbag (treasure bag according to some)? Accessories for women highlight your femininity. You can opt for a classic shoulder bag, a black slim belt and a colorful scarf to top it off.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 18.35.55Conclusion

Whether for a job search or full-time job, your clothing says a lot about your personality. Then think about being chic and elegant but mainly don't forget to: stay yourself ! Don't forget that "simplicity is the key of elegance" for Coco Chanel.

Paula Williams

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