The smile, an asset at work !

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Smile, you guessed, is an asset in life generally and in professional life in particular. A passport that opens a lot of doors. Beyond pure know-how, it accompanies the image you want to give of yourself and expresses a know-how. A person who smiles returns the image of a happy person which can make the difference. On the esthetical level, the smile light up the face and some even claim that it saves 10 years. On the psychological level, smiling produce the creation of endorphins (hormone of well-being) in the brain. This is accompanied by an increase of good mood, self-esteem as well as a reduction in stress.

Smile at work

On a professional level and in particular trades where one has a relationship with the customer, a friendly smile will make the difference to recruiters. On the one hand it sells, yourself first and to the others after. On the other hand, in some trades where the customer contact can sometimes degenerate, unflappable and sincere smile allows to defuse conflict or at least decrease the aggressiveness. It is still difficult to be rude to someone who is smiling.

The winning smile of the salesman

The more experienced know that a well-placed smile has an influence on the income. A waiter (or waitress) who is smiling always retrieves more tips than the one who is not, regardless of efficiency. As for smiling salespeople, they are raking in more sales than those who seem to be cranky. Small detail that is taught to those who work on the phone: smile, because a smile is heard.

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The downside

An American study dating from 2011 yet ensures that at the office, the dumped smile to hide one’s state of mind the day where it doesn’t go well, is counterproductive and bad for health. Indeed, according to this study, professions where the smile is required constantly involve exhausting training and mastery of emotions. Hence the finding of Ursula Hess, a Canadian researcher: "Employees who express their true feelings enjoy better health, have a stronger sense of personal achievement and are more committed to their work”.

In conclusion, remember that a "smile is less expensive than electricity, but gives as much light" (Abbé Pierre). Then smile!

Paula Williams

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