Describe your objectives and present your skills

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Verbs such as “understand”, “appreciate”, “value” and “respect” can be used to express objectives. They can appear in the title section of your résumé if you chose to indicate your profession along with your objectives. Giving a title to your résumé allows the recruiter to quickly grasp your expectations. Here again, if your objectives match those of the company you are applying to, you accumulate more chances on your side.


To achieve an executive assistant position in an international company.
Chose your words according to what you want to express or show to your future employer. Action verbs allow you to highlight your professional successes and accomplishments. They can also be used to describe your knowledge and know-how as well as analytic and comprehension skills.

Tip: Choose action verbs to highlight your skill sets and know-how. You will look more likely to be efficient within a short time on the job.


ABC Company, Lausanne
Executive assistant

  • Managed the filing and archiving of documents: created an archiving system, sorted out files, etc.
  • Organized meetings and seminars: sent bulk mail, contacted seminar centers, took minutes, created files, etc.
  • Translated documents from English into French: translated and summarized reports, official documents, processes, etc.




Source: Manpower