Choosing the right words

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It is important to use a strong and precise vocabulary when writing your résumé or cover letter.

Strong vocabulary

A strong vocabulary will add strength to your résumé and value to your profile. Action verbs are thus necessary to describe your professional background and highlight your strengths.

In order to help you write your résumé and cover letters or emails, we have drawn up a non-comprehensive list of action verbs. These verbs are used to describe accomplishments and performances, to present results or to express expectations.


Pick the right word

If you’d rather use nouns, don’t hesitate to convert the following verbs into nouns.
For example: Understand > understanding / Accomplish > accomplishment / Calculate > calculation.

However, it is often better to use the verb rather than the noun. Indeed, “to save” is more precise than “build up savings” and “to negotiate” sound better than “to take part in a negotiation”, unless you only “attended the negotiation”. Try to be as precise as possible and clear any uncertainties for your reader. The clearer your words are, the strongest the feeling of trust and transparency for your recruiter.




Source: Manpower