Polish your CV

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In the education section

If you have attended training or a school but have not obtained a diploma or final certificate, indicate this in the "Education" section and specify the "level" + the name of the diploma or certificate. Everyone will understand that you didn't complete the program, but this will allow you to not devalue yourself and also to avoid a chronological "gap" in your CV.

Training assignments

If you have limited work experience, but have completed numerous training assignments in which you were able to prove your skills, show this in the "Experience" section and support it with examples of accomplishments.

Summer jobs

If you have recently completed your diploma and are looking for your first job, don't forget to mention the jobs you held while enrolled in your program of study.

Don't lie about your skills or accomplishments or even your language level, as you might find yourself in an uncomfortable position.

Which medium to use?

Presentation folder, file folder, paper clip or staple? Be careful about your choice of presentation medium for your application.  It is your "passport" to a new job and is a reflection of you.

Use a font such as "Arial" or "Verdana" in 10 to 12 point size and avoid color overload.


Example of an Administration CV 


Example of a Technical CV

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