Corporate Lawyer (cryptocurrency), UGPay Group AG

  • Branche: Gewerbe allgemein
  • Vertragsart: Unbefristet
  • Arbeitseinsatz: Vollzeit
  • Kategorie: Recht / Steuerwesen / Beratung
  • Unterkategorie: Jurist / Anwalt / Notar
  • Bewerbungsdatum: 12-05-2021
  • Bewerbungsfrist: 30-06-2021

We are looking for a highly motivated, entrepreneurial, and experienced corporate lawyer to take on the challenge of a fast-growing and evolving industry in new technologies, such as fintech, digital banking, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

You have to attach great importance to personal support in  tax consultancy, corporate services and trade financing.


o          Prior experience with, detailed knowledge of, and a passion for blockchain technology is a must

o          legal experience with at least 1 year of experience in the blockchain group at a major law firm or in-house in the blockchain space

o          Excellent problem solving skills, judgment, communication and interpersonal skills

o          Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, meet tight deadlines and act decisively

o          Ability to take ownership of projects and concisely turn legal analysis into action


Please send your CV to Lidiia Warthmann

  • Kontakt: Lidiia Warthmann

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