The blurring: when work-life blend

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In English "to blur" means clear, dim. The "blurring", it is when professional life impinges the privacy so much that the border fades. A phenomenon especially facing executives and that is amplified with the multiplication of "nomads" work tools. So much that some are fighting for the right to disconnect.

Now we're working everywhere

Crossed in trains, airports, waiting rooms. They are glued to their computer. A glance at the screen to see that they do not play, they work! And the work pursues them to their homes. Answer mails at 11PM, start again early in the morning, finish a record on Sunday has become commonplace. They go on vacation with their computer ... just in case! "They" are often executives, connected to work 24 hours a day or almost.

Always reachable 

According to a 2015 Ipsos poll, 67% of European employees provide work outside their professional schedules. 90% of the top managers and 84% of managers are concerned. Impressive percentages, although Europeans generally say they are reluctant to the phenomenon of the "always available", which gives them the sense never to leave their work.
Unlike the Chinese and Brazilians, who want more and make sure that mobile devices allow them to be more organized and more efficient. This phenomenon has a counterpart. If you work outside office hours, you also manage your personal affairs during these same hours. This is the case of 62% of respondents who indicate fixing personal problems at work and this figure reached 78% for managers and 77% for top managers.

The right to disconnect

Facing the acceleration of the phenomenon and the explosion of "burnouts", some countries discuss the right to disconnect. This law would allow an employee not to answer professional e-mails outside of office hours. Some companies have already instituted days without emails, others "prohibit" their employees to connect to their professional email box beyond a certain time.

Paula Williams

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