Did you know burnout? Here's the boreout !

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How "bourout" arises

In the early 1990s, the occupational medicine has identified a recrudescence of professional fatigue, commonly referred to as "burnouts". These particularly hit workers in a situation of chronic stress, usually related to a too high workload.
In 2007, two Swiss business consultants, Peter Werder and Philippe Rothlin, publish a book that made her feel: Diagnosis Boreout. It theorizes a new disorder, syndrome of Burnout by boredom. In contrast to the "burnout", this “boreout” (bore means boredom in English) is the result of a lack of work or lack of jobs that have a meaning. It mainly affects men and women working in companies, more specifically in the tertiary sector. Experienced as a source of stress, the “boreout” can have serious consequences to the point where physically ill the affected person.

The disturbing consequences of the boreout

When someone experiences a 'boreout', he tends to adopt strategies to conceal this ill-being. He can stretch his tasks to the maximum, making them last longer and thus to hide the absence of real activity.

Sometimes he will even feign overactivity, while later in the evening at his office or when eating in front of his screen. Indeed, this situation is very badly perceived by those who live it. The feeling of being paid to do nothing can cause a feeling of futility, coupled with guilt.

At the physiological level, the victim employee of “boreout” is likely to have dizziness, memory loss, or tremors. He will feel a sensation of intense fatigue, accompanied by a loss of self-esteem. This means for companies frequent work stoppages.

How to fight “boreout”

At the level of the employees, the fight against the “boreout” passes through the word. It is recommended to discuss it with other colleagues and then with his superior. If the latter is obviously not ready to hear those words, consider looking for a new job. Companies also can (and should) respond by taking the lead and clearly exposing the reality of the problem. Encouraged to discuss it, the concerned employees will be able to help find solutions.

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